Oppression in Democracy

What has happened to Julian Assange is inhumane, torturous, unwarranted and despicable. It is an insult to basic intelligence to claim that he is some sort of terrorist or threat to national security. His imprisonment and charges against hihm are an attack on all press freedom and on the public’s right to know. His treatment is abominable and in many respects worse than that meted out to violent abusers, those who have committed grievous bodily harm and even murderers.

The US government ought to stop this persecution. The British government ought to stop its sycophantic cow-towing to the United States.

The Australian government ought to immediately call for his return to Australia, his freedom, and the dropping of all charges against him.

He ought to be reunited with his family.

Julian Assange had done nothing wrong. The wrong that has been perpetrated and is being perpetrated is by the US Government and those assisting it in this persecution of Assange, which is nothing more than revenge at his organising release to the public of documents showing US Government perfidy.

It needs to stop, NOW

Read More: Julian Assange’s wife Stella Moris reveals how they raise children together while he is in jail waiting an extradition decision. By Stella Moris



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Roger Hawcroft