Refreshing. To read a calm & considered, caring yet pointed, view of how equitable & affirmative relationships between men and women can be achieved.

The piece is clear, brief, and accessible. The metaphors are well chosen and its inclusivity of the sexes, an olive branch to and recognition of those men who recognise the disjunct between the abilities inherent in their intelligence and the inadequate reflection of them in their opinions and/or behaviour.

Culture, religion, schooling, institutions, peer groups and the applauded all contribute to social conditioning, attitudes and behaviour. Biology also plays a strong but far too readily dismissed role.

It is well to challenge systemic discrimination and subjugation but, as suggested here, only those who see themselves truly, i.e. apply their intelligence and intellect to questioning and resolving the flaws, paradoxes and contradictions within, that will be capable of bringing about real human change for the better.

I applaud this sentiment for humanity needn't continue its inequitable and moribund social development. The contrast between technological advancement and virtually static human relations can be resolved. However, it requires inward reflection and understanding by individuals to provide the impetus for resisting the pressures of conditioning.

So, yes, to change without, we must first change within. To come together, we must first stop pushing one another apart.


Expat Tyke in Australia. Dismayed & depressed at World conflict/poverty/disadvantage/hatred. Buoyed by music, art, literature, nature, animals & birds.

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